Club Fitting

Our club fitting goes against the golf industry who want us to believe one size fits all. This is because the majority of their profits are made from selling clubs off-the-rack. We believe each golfer is unique and believe every golfer should have the advantage that is afforded to tour pros. Club fitting includes finding out how to build a set of clubs for you that will help you play better and have more fun. Several of the variables that can be altered in a set of clubs to encourage your best swing are outlined below:

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Lie Angle

This spec has a huge effect on direction, especially in the more lofted irons. Setting the lie angle to the individual is vital to getting correct feedback from the ball flight. We are leading experts in how to fit players to their dynamic lie angle.

Face Angle

This is a spec that is found in drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. It can have a large influence on direction and trajectory. Most of the woods and hybrids in the stores are set up with closed faces. That isn't what everyone needs. We can get clubs with closed faces, square faces and open faces. We can fit everyone.

Head Design

This spec is largely ignored in the golf industry. Offset heads and non-offset heads have completely different performance patterns. Finding the right one for you means hitting it on the correct shaft, at the correct length, and with the correct lie angle. This is something we can work out for you.

Shaft Flex

With off-the-rack selling there is not much difference in shaft flex. Some manufacturers will call one shaft a stiff flex, while another will designate the same shaft as a senior flex. Flex is important to the feel of the club and isn't entirely determined by swing speed. Tempo and release patterns can have a big effect. We have one of the largest ranges of flexes in golf. You are assured to get the right one based on performance instead of a swing speed chart.

Shaft Weight

You've heard that lighter is better for many years. That is another marketing myth. Lighter is better for some, and heavier is better for others. We can give you the opportunity to test which is right for you: lighter, heavier, or in the middle.


Longer isn't better. Neither is shorter. The correct length for each individual golfer encourages contact in the sweet spot. We can fit clubs to the length that will enhance your balance and allow you to repeatedly hit the ball in the sweet spot.

We Fit Clubs, Not Sell You

Many companies out there believe in selling you their "fitted clubs" which may not actually fit you. We consistently get consumers coming to us to get a set of clubs, after being fitted by a competitor for two main reasons: we are one of the best out there and their original fit was more of a sales pitch. If you think this might be you, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1.  Did you test the many different variables listed above? If not, then there is good chance you were being sold.
  2.  Did you understand all parts of the fitting? Did the fitter explain so you could understand? If not, then you were probably being sold.
  3.  Did the facility where you were fitted just happen to have a set of clubs in your exact specs? If the answer is yes then you were probably being sold.